Posted by Peter on 18th September 2009

Coming soon: addition and multiplication of money, plus pictograms for year 4


Next week we have two great pages on using standard, or efficient, methods of adding and multiplying money.

With both the addition and multiplication worksheets the crucial thing to remember is to keep the decimal points in a straight column when writing them out. It is also important to write down any zeros that occur in the answer – don’t just leave that column blank.

I always encourage children to write a decimal point in the answer before they start the calculation as, if it is missed out, the answer will be incorrect however well it has been added up.

It is often a good idea for children to check the answers to these types of page by using a calculator.

Graphs are often perceived as a quite easy part of maths, but many children find interpreting them correctly quite tricky. Our car pictogram uses a picture of a car to represent 5 cars. Again this page should be seen more as a starter to go and collect data themselves and make their own pictograms.  Problems might arise when the data is not in whole fives or tens. This can be solved by showing part of a car eg a wheel could represent one car. This would need to be shown clearly on the pictogram.

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