Posted by Peter on 1st October 2009

Mental arithmetic: divide by 6

divide-by-6Being successful with mental arithmetic is all about making use of the knowledge you have. For example, once the 6 times table has been learned it needs to be put to good use. This worksheet looks at how the six times table can be used to answer division questions.

Because division is the inverse of multiplication knowing tables means that the inverse can be quickly worked out eg knowing that 6 x 10 = 60 means that 60 divided by 6 is 10 and 60 divided by 10 is 6 can be quickly worked out.

This page could be tackled in a variety of ways. A child might ask themselves what 60 divided by 6 is, or they might ask what number times 6 makes 60? Either way, responses should be quick!

Divide by 6

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