Posted by Peter on 16th October 2009

Coming soon: Fractions, division and number squares

balloon1Understanding equivalence in fractions is probably the key which opens the door to understanding the whole world of fractions. One of the first things to remember about equivalence is that the larger the number on the bottom of the fraction, the smaller each part of the fraction is. So 4/100 is much smaller than 4/25. Also it is much easier to compare the size of two fractions if the bottom numbers are the same. Next week we look further at these ideas with a year 4 equivalent fractions worksheet.

By year 5 solving division problems ‘in your head’ get quite tricky and a very good understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division is needed. We also will be publishing a page with questions involving sharing with remainders, which need both working out ‘tables’ and calculating the number left over.

Also coming up soon is a further look at number squares for Year 2 children and is excellent practice at understanding place value as well as counting. A small section of the whole number square, just 4 by 3 is taken and most of the numbers removed. The skill is in replacing the missing numbers.

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