Posted by Peter on 30th October 2009

Coming soon: Addition and more fraction worksheets

plane2Next week we have a little twist on the usual adding three numbers type of worksheet. On this page the third number is missing but the answer is given. What makes this harder is that at least two mental calculations have to be made to reach a correct answer. Quite a challenge for Year 2 children!
We also have a page showing the standard written method of addition.The method is to add the units first, put the units in the answer, and ‘carry’ the ten into the tens column. Finally add the tens and write in the total on the answer line.Plenty of practice with easy numbers.
Also coming soon is a great page for Year 5 on relating fractions and division. This fraction worksheet is a follow up to the page published last week, as children need plenty of practice with these ideas.

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  1. Mariam says:

    These are the best worksheets I have come across.


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