Posted by Peter on 3rd November 2009

Maths Worksheet: Standard written method of addition with 2-digit numbers.

standard-addition-of--2digits-2This is the second maths worksheet on addition using the standard method.

(It must be pointed out that usually 2-digit addition should be tackled ‘in your head’. The sum we are doing here can be done by adding 50 to 66, making 116 and then subtracting 2 making 114. However, to practise the written method it is often useful to keep to smaller numbers)

The method is to add the units first, put the units in the answer, and ‘carry’ the ten into the tens column. Finally add the tens and write in the total on the answer line.

Once the method has been clearly understood and a good knowledge to adding single digits has been achieved it should be possible to move onto harder 3-digit or 4-digit addition.

Standard written addition of 2-digit numbers

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