Posted by Peter on 10th November 2009

Maths Worksheet: Dividing by 10 with decimals


Today’s maths worksheet is all about mental arithmetic. It looks at dividing numbers by 10 where the answers involve decimals.

The key to understanding division by 10 is also the key to understanding place value: that is, if a digit moves one place to the right it becomes ten times less. So all you have to do to divide a number by 10 is to move each digit one place to the right. That’s easy as long as it is realised that there is a decimal point lurking (invisibly usually) to the right of the units and before the tenths. So 56 divided by 10 is 5.6. The 6 units have moved one place to the right, leaping the decimal point, into the tenths column.

This worksheet and many others can be found in our Free Maths worksheets, Four Rules section.

Divide by 10 decimals (pg 1)

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