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Resource of the Week: Written multiplication


We have an ever increasing number of maths worksheets explaining how standard written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division should be carried out. This is just one example of  ‘short multiplication’. It leads on from the earlier worksheets on ‘Moving towards a standard method’. These can all be found in our Four Rules section, under written multiplication.

Before starting this type of sum a good knowledge of times tables is needed.

The stages are as follows:

Step 1: write the sum out correctly

The question may be put in a different layout eg 38 x 7 =

Make sure it is laid out with the units under each other as shown on the example.

Step 2: multiply the units

Multiply 8 by 7 which 56 or 5 tens and 6 units.

Put the 6 in the answer in the units and place the 5 (tens) in the tens column, under the answer line.

Step 3: multiply the tens

Multiply 3 (tens) x 7 which is 21 (tens).

Add the 5 (tens) to make 26 (tens) or 2 hundreds and 6 tens.

Place the 6 in the tens column and the 2 in the hundreds column.

Easy!  266.   All done!!

Standard short multiplication pg 1

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