Posted by Peter on 13th November 2009

Coming soon: Percentages, fractions and metric units

rocket1Much has been made of percentages and even in High Schools students find them tricky. However, the basis is pretty straightforward and next week we have a percentage worksheet which looks at finding percentages of amounts of money or measurements. A key factor in being able to do this type of question is to be able to work out 10% of an amount mentally.

Quite closely related to finding 10% of numbers is the second in our series of dividing by 10 with decimals. The questions on the forthcoming page should all be completed mentally as all it involves is moving each digit one place to the right and ensuring that a decimal point is placed between the units and tenths.

We really are concentrating on year 5 next week as the third of our worksheets will be about converting metric units, suitable for the 9/10 year old.

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