Posted by Peter on 24th November 2009

Maths Worksheet: Divide by 100 mentally


Here we have the next worksheet in our series of dividing mentally. This page looks at dividing larger numbers by 100. All the numbers are multiples of 100 so there will be no decimals involved with the answers. As has been said before, but the idea has to be repeated many times for children to fully understand; to divide by 10, move each digit one place to the right. To divide by 100 move each digit two places to the right.

So 1200 divided by 10 is 12.00. There is nothing wrong with leaving the two zeros after the decimal point, but we usually don’t worry with the decimal point or zeros if the answer is a whole number. Whatever you do, don’t tell your children to take away the noughts!!

This, and many other division worksheets, can be found in our Four Rules section as well as in the year group sections under calculating.

Divide by 100 (pg 1)

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