Posted by Peter on 16th December 2009

Resource of the Week: Adding puzzle for Christmas

christtreeOnce again from the stats I can see that everyone is very busy with shopping, eating, drinking etc so will join you all and have a week off. I will leave you with a little puzzle given to us by Mathsphere which we sent up a year ago in case you have nothing better to do!

Put the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the bottom layer of baubles on the Christmas tree. The next layer is made by adding the pairs of numbers below and so on up to the top.

The numbers on the bottom row can be put in any order – what order will give the highest possible total at the top?

Answer is given for those who have eaten too many mince pies.

Happy Christmas

Christmas adding puzzle

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  1. Thomas Pitts says:

    Hi, I am putting together a blog post for the TES Maths Panel about maths at Christmas. At the moment, I am going down the line of highlighting various resources that I have used in the past and wondered how you would feel about your site being used in my writing. I need to check whether sites outside the TES are acceptable to use, but I love your resources and would be keen to promote them to a wide audience.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Pitts

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