Posted by Peter on 3rd February 2010

Resource of the Week: Moving towards standard written methods of addition

Just one page is not enough for children to become confident with a method, so as often as possible I include at least a second maths worksheet in this case, on ‘moving towards standard written methods’ of 2-digit addition’.
With this method the units are added and placed below the sum, making sure the units are in line and the ten is placed in the tens column. The tens are then added and placed below. The crucial concept here is to remember that it is tens which are being added, so there will be a zero in the units column to ensure that the tens numbers are kept in line. Finally the two answers are added.
This method shows clearly what is happening and should clarify the troublesome ‘carrying’ of the tens when using the standard written method.
Moving towards standard written methods of addition (2)

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