Posted by Peter on 9th February 2010

Year 6 Maths Worksheet: Percentages and Fractions


This worksheet looks at the relationship between fractions, decimal fractions and percentages. This often proves very tricky for many children who fail to grasp that because percentage means ‘out of 100’ it can also be represented as a fraction.

Children should begin to understand that 23% also means 23/100 or 0.23.

later, when trying to work out how to find a percentage of a number it can be done quite easily by multiplying by the decimal fraction. In other words, to find 23% of a number multiply it by 0.23.

Percentages and fractions (1)

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  1. kasia says:

    really good worksheet for kids1

  2. qadro says:

    i finished it and enjoyed it thanks a lot and i gave the website to my teacher.

  3. savannah says:

    I really enjoyed this math sheet it makes maths a lot easier although I expected something more challenging otherwise as a warm up exercise it is very fun what’s even more exciting is it is very concise.

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