Posted by Peter on 19th February 2010

News: Are children getting enough sleep?

Newsround has come up with some interesting data about children’s sleep habits. It found that more than half of the 9 to 11 year old children interviewed admitted that they thought they needed more sleep.

Most children of this age went to bed by 21.30 but then many stayed up watching TV, playing video games or games on their mobile phones.

Over half the children interviewed said they had a TV in their bedrooms.

Experts recommend at least 10 hours sleep a night and a lack of sleep has been linked to a wide range of behavioural problems such as ADHD.

How important is it that parents know what their children are doing, what TV programmes they are watching, what computer games they are playing and what they are accessing on their phones? This is impossible to monitor if they are sent up to their rooms to ‘play’ for hours.

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