Posted by Peter on 5th March 2010

Coming soon: Fractions, time and calculator activities

On our year 6 fractions page there are several different sets of skills and knowledge needed. Firstly knowledge of measurements eg that there are 1000 metres in a kilometre, 1000 ml in a litre etc, as well as a couple of Imperial measures thrown in as an extra challenge.

Secondly, to be able to write 600ml as a fraction of 1litre eg 600/1000.

Thirdly to be able to simplify fractions eg 600/1000 is equivalent to 6/10.

Getting a clear concept of amount of time is important for young children. Next week’s page on time challenges children to complete a number of tasks in one minute, such as how tall a tower can be built using blocks/lego etc.

Also coming soon is a calculations game to help with learning the two times table.

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