Posted by Peter on 19th March 2010

Coming soon: 3D shape, division with remainders and percentages

A real cross section of resources coming up next week. To start with we have a 3D shape page for year 1. The best way to learn about 3D shapes is to handle them but it is also important to recognise drawings of them on paper. Four shapes which children should be familiar with are the cube, cuboid, cylinder and cone.

Next we have another page where the remainders from division are written as fractions. Children need a good knowledge of tables to work out the division ‘in their heads’ and this is probably best suited to Year 4, aged8/9+ years old.

Also next week there is a straightforward introduction to finding 10% off multiples of 10p up to a pound. This is ideal for year 5 children with a good understanding of multiplication and division by 10.

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