Posted by Peter on 26th March 2010

Coming soon: Fractions, handling data and multiples

A real mixed bag of pages coming up next week.

We will post the  second page where we look at questions such as:

‘How many sixths make two and a half?’

Children need to know that there are six sixths in one whole one and also need to understand equivalent fractions and that a half is equivalent to three sixths.

An important early stage in Handling Data is to be able to record the results and we will be publishing a simple page where  two sets of shapes can be sorted and recorded on the columns.

The outlines of the cylinders and cubes are provided and it is just a matter of counting the number of each shape and recording by colouring the correct number on the columns.

Also coming soon is another in our series of fun games to play, suitable for year 3 children who have got a good grasp of the three times table.

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