Posted by Peter on 23rd July 2010

Coming soon: addition, counting and decimals

Next week we have a number of simple tips and practice at adding three 2-digit numbers mentally. Not the easiest task in the world and one beyond many adults, but there are a wide range of techniques children can have at their fingertips to make this easier.

Some of the tips on this page include:

starting with the largest digit

adding the tens before the units

looking for pairs that make 10

I will also be publishing a useful couple of pages for children entering Year 3 next term. Counting on and back will still be important in year 3, using up to three digit numbers. Grouping into tens or fives and using tally charts are both effective ways of counting larger numbers.

Also another page on multiplying decimal fractions by 10 or 100. The method used today is to move each number one place to the left when multiplying by ten and two places to the left when multiplying by 100. The decimal point does not move.

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