Posted by Peter on 30th July 2010

Coming soon: Addition, counting and calculator game for 7x tables

Whilst the Primary Framework for Mathematics has little to say about addition of whole numbers in Year 6 it is still worth revising skills and developing fast technique, especially with mental arithmetic.

Next week we have a consolidation page of adding three 2-digit numbers, using all the techniques developed so far. This is a follow up page to that published last week.

Whilst children get used to counting on in tens and hundreds, sometimes it can be useful to count on in 25s and 50s, especially when using money or measurement. We will be publishing the second page on counting in 25s and 50s, concentrating on money and is probably most suited to year 4 children.

There will also be something for Year 5. This is the next in our series of calculator activities and is certainly one of the hardest. It looks at multiples of 7, including numbers above 10 and will test children’s knowledge of the 7 times table to the full.

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