Posted by Peter on 2nd August 2010

How much is a good primary maths education worth?

It has been reported today that parents are willing to pay up to £8 670 more for a home in the catchment area of a school that they consider goodat maths and English, so that their children can be educated there. The figures come from the Nationwide Building Society, just before the latest set of Key Stage 2 results are published.

The Building Society states that buying a home near a school which has 10% better results in SATs in Maths and English added an extra 3.3% to house prices.

Catchment areas have been a major factor in parents choosing their new home for some years now and there have been several cases reported of parents lying on application forms and pretending to live within the catchment area as well as Poole local council spying on parents to see if they do actually live where they say. What a strange world we live in!

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