Posted by Peter on 10th September 2010

Coming soon: Doubling, multiples and recurring decimals

The calculator can prove to be a great tool for those who are fascinated by numbers and next week I will be publishing give us just one example of this.

It uses simple division sums to produce interesting recurring decimals. For example:

1/9 is 0.111111

Great for year 6 children who are really developing a good understanding of decimals.

For younger mathematicians thereĀ  are a couple of techniques which help with being able to double mulitples of 5 quickly ‘in your head’.

Firstly any 2-digit multiple of 5 which is also a multiple of ten (eg 60) is straightforward as only the tens digit needs to be considered. Why not log into our Doubling page on Tuesday to find the second technique?

I will also be publishing the next in our series of calculation activities to encourage knowledge of tables. It concentrates on multiples of 8 and like the other games we have published the aim is to cover a row of four squares. Some of the answers are quite tricky to find, such as finding what number multiplied by 8 makes 112? Suitable for year 5.

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