Posted by Peter on 1st October 2010

Coming soon: Probability, remainders and the 9 times table

Next week we will be publishing the second year 6 maths worksheet which looks at probability as a fraction and then as a decimal fraction. A calculator would be useful to do the conversion and it is suggested that the answer should be displayed to 2 decimal places.

By year 4 most children will be confident with the concept of remainders after dividing. The next step is to ‘neaten up’ the division so that there is no remainder. What is left becomes part of the answer as a fraction. We have a great worksheet coming up which concentrates on writing remainders as fractions.

Also coming soon is another calculator game for two players concentrating on the 9 times table. As well as the calculator you will need the printed grid and some counters. This is most suited to year 5 children who should be confident with the 9 times table and be able to concentrate on strategies to win.

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