Posted by Peter on 22nd October 2010

Coming soon: area, multiples and multiplication

We will be publishing some quite interesting worksheets next week. The first is a great worksheet for children to develop their ‘trial and improvement’ methods, suitable for year 6. The area of the rectangle is 24 sq cm. One side has a length of 17 cm. What must the other side measure? The catch is that only multiplication can be used to find the answer and a calculator is an absolute must! The aim is to refine the answer closer and closer to the correct one, although this might never be reached!

It is in year 3 that the term ‘multiple’ is introduced. I will be publishing two two Year 3 maths worksheets which ask whether various numbers are multiples of others and it is interesting to see how children tackle these.

The final game in our calculator series will look at tables and multiples. Once again the idea of the game is to get four counters in a row, this time on a multiples of 9 grid. Recognising multiples of 9 is relatively easy as the digits always add up to 9 or a multiple of 9. But knowing exactly which multiple is needed is much harder. Why not challenge your children?!!

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