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Posted by Peter on 31st December 2010

The year 2011

A very happy new year to everyone. The new year will begin with a real mathematical twist as 2011 is a Prime Number. (Remember a prime number has just two multiples, itself and 1). Whilst there are an infinite number of prime numbers they are not easy to find. The last prime year was 2003 […]

Posted by Peter on 30th December 2010

Written method of addition

The Primary Framework for Mathematics uses a variety of methods to explain written addition in years 3 and 4, but by Year 5 it is expected that children know and understand how to use the standard method, which is exactly the same method that most parents learnt when they were at school. The key to […]

Posted by Peter on 29th December 2010

Ten in the Bed by Penny Dale

Ten in the BedTen in the Bed by Penny Dale Ten out of Bed by Penny Dale Well, actually we have two great books to read to your children when they are snuggled up in bed ready to go to sleep. Most of us are aquainted with the nursery rhyme, There were ten in the […]

Posted by Peter on 28th December 2010

Year 1 Counting and Number

Children need as much practice as possible with counting up to 10 and you can not have too many resources to help with this. Of course, counting in the real world is the best place, whether it is in the kitchen counting spoons, or on the beach counting shells. However, it is also useful to […]

Posted by Peter on 23rd December 2010

Five Little Ducks by Ian Beck

Five Little Ducks Five Little Ducks is a story about… yes, you guessed it, five little ducks! They go out one day, waddling down to the pond to play. But, as they swim and play on the pond, one of them wanders off and disappears, and then another, and another until there is just one […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd December 2010

Reception maths games: counting and colouring

We have a good selection of simple maths games which your reception/year 1 children may like to play. Here is one example. Help Ted colour his white balloons. Just by clicking in the balloons the colour will change. One click will make a balloon go Red. Two clicks will turn the balloon Blue. Three clicks […]

Posted by Peter on 20th December 2010

Balloon bursting puzzle

Here we have a nice little puzzle for older children. The Maths Ratty is holding a huge bunch of balloons with numbers on. All you have to do is work out which balloon is left when the three problems have been answered. Children need to know a little bit about multiples, square numbers and prime […]

Posted by Peter on 14th December 2010

Four rules maths worksheets

Whilst most of our worksheets are found in the categories related to the National Primary Framework for Mathematics which teachers use to plan their lessons, (such as ‘Knowing Number facts’ and ‘Calculating’) we have also included a more old fashioned category called ‘Four Rules’. This section covers both mental and written methods of addition, subtraction, […]

Posted by Peter on 13th December 2010

Year 3 maths worksheet: Counting on patterns

Number squares can be a great way to show some of the fantastic and fascinating patterns that numbers can make. We are used to the 10 by 10 number square but, of course, they can be any size and the different sizes can create different patterns when counting on. For example, the first number square […]

Posted by Peter on 10th December 2010

Year 2 maths worksheet: multiplication in any order

Children in Year 2 are expected to know and understand an awful lot about how numbers work. Here we have a maths worksheet, one of a set from, which looks at a vital part of understanding the process of multiplication: that it can be done in any order. This is also true of addition, […]