Posted by Peter on 28th December 2010

Year 1 Counting and Number

Children need as much practice as possible with counting up to 10 and you can not have too many resources to help with this. Of course, counting in the real world is the best place, whether it is in the kitchen counting spoons, or on the beach counting shells. However, it is also useful to have resources which can be printed or looked at on a compter. Why not use the free Mathblog resources to help?

Watch your child when they are counting objects and see if they are saying one number name for each object and that the last number they say is the number in the set. Look also for children who move the object they are counting, or mark it so that it is not counted twice. Don’t always ask children to count the whole set – just ask them to count 5 of them and see if they know when to stop.

We have a growing number of counting worksheets which help with these skills.

Go to the year 1 Counting and Number worksheets

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