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The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl

The Enormous Crocodile
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The Enormous Crocodile by R Dahl

If you want to introduce your child to some mathematical words involving shape and have enormous fun whilst doing so, then ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl is just the book for you. But you do have to have a delicious liking for cruel humour and not mind rather tasteless endings!
Typical of Dahl’s writing, with name calling, suspense and a horribly vile villain, it is probably best left for the over threes. You might find that your children become horribly addicted to the story and want it read to them time and again!
In short, the crocodile tells the other animals that he has some clever tricks up his sleeve to eat some juicy children. Indeed they are clever tricks, but one by one the hippo, monkey etc ensure that his plans are thwarted and the greedy croc comes to a suitable end!

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