Posted by Peter on 14th January 2011

Year 6 maths worksheet: extending number sequences

Number sequences are still a very important part of maths in Year 6 as they begin to lead on to algebra. Here we have a page where the next two numbers need to be added to the sequence and then a quick explanation of what the rule for the sequence is, in words.

The best way to tackle these is to work out what is happening from the first number to the second: is it getting bigger? By how much? etc and then see if this also applies from the second to the third number, and so on. When it is an addition or subtraction this is quite straightforward. However, if it is a multiplication or division (including doubling and halving) this is harder to spot. With addition and subtraction the difference between numbers stays the same;  with multiplication the difference increases.

This page can be found in our Year 6 maths worksheets, in the Using and Applying Maths section.

Extend number sequences 1

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