Posted by Peter on 7th March 2011

Written methods of dividing

Today we have a straightforward page of division questions, using the standard method of written division. There are several stages in this process if the correct answer is to be reached.

For example: 74 divided by 3

1. Make a rough estimate of the answer; this can be along the lines of, “It will be over 20 but not as many as 30”.

2. Ask the question, “How many threes in 7?”

There are 2 threes in 7 with a remainder of 1.

3. Place the 2 above the 7 on the answer line and place the one remainder in front of the 4 (making 14).

4. Ask the question, “How many threes in 14?”

There are 4 threes in 14 with 2 remainder.

5. Place the 4 on the answer line.

6. The 2 remainder can be shown as 2/3 on the answer line: making the answer 24 and 2/3.

Remember to set out the last few questions just as the earlier ones have been set out.


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