Posted by Peter on 22nd April 2011

Maths worksheets on Knowing Multiplication Facts in year 6

Expectations of what children should know are high in Year 6 but we have a great selection of maths worksheets to help. It is assumed (often wrongly) that by Year 6 children have a good knowledge of ‘tables’ and can quickly recall any table from 2 to 10. With this in mind they can put their knowledge to good use by multiplying decimals mentally. A question such as 0.6 x 5 is not that much trickier than 6 x 5, as long as place value is understood.

Square numbers are a part of this ‘tables’ knowledge, leading to questions such as what is the square of 30? It is worth spending a little time making sure that children know their square numbers up to 12 x 12 as they will occur time and time again when moving onto high school maths.

Go to our Year 6 Knowing Number Facts pages.

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