Posted by Peter on 29th April 2011

Written methods of multiplication

In our Four Rules, Multiplication category we have a range of pages which look at written methods of multiplication. Parents seem to have been confused by what is taught in school, but it is really the process leading up to the standard written method which has changed: the standard method itself is very much the same as when parents were children and even when grandparents were children!

The worksheets take a brief look at moving towards the standard method and then we have worksheets on:

  • short multiplication: multiplying 2-digits by 1-digit
  • multiplying 2-digit numbers by multiples of 10
  • multiplying 3-digits by 1-digit
  • multiplying money by a single digit eg £3.45 x 4
  • multiplying decimals eg 3.8 x 7

On most of these pages there are clear explanations of how to do them, which have been very popular with both parents and teachers.

Why not go to our Four Rules, Written Multiplication section?

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