Posted by Peter on 20th May 2011

0 to 9 cards

I am continuing to add to the useful Resources section of the site. Today I have added a set of 0 to 9 cards. There are actually two sets, using different fonts. It is mainly the number 4 which changes from font to font and many teachers like to use a font which shows the four in the same way that it is written.

These cards can be used in a wide variety of ways. If you don’t want children to call out the answer to a question give them cards so they can hold up the answer. Use then for ‘show me’ activities (eg ‘Show me two less than 5 etc). They are also very useful for generating 2-digit or 3-digit numbers and when numbers need to be moved about to find different solutions to a puzzle.

These types of cards can be found in many places, or you could use playing cards. However, it would be sensible to include a set here.

0 to 9 cards

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