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Short division of decimals (2)

Here is another page of practice on using the short method of division of decimals. With the short method all unnecessary writing down of numbers is avoided. The numbers being divided are just units and tenths which helps with getting the method correct.

One of the best ways to be fluent with this method is to talk it through out loud. Eventually this leads to talking through, ‘in your head’.

If we look at question 1 which is 7.2 divided by 3, the verbal stages are:

a. How many 3s in 7?

b. 2 times 3 is 6 so there is 2 with a remainder of 1.

c. Place the 2 on the answer line, immediately above the 7.

d. Place the decimal point just above the answer line so it can be clearly seen.

e. The remainder 1 is placed just in front of the 2 (usually written smaller).

f. How many 3s in 12?

g. 3 x 4 is 12 so the answer is 4.

h. Place the 4 on the answer line, immediately above the 2 (tenths).

i. Answer 2.4

This page can be found in our Four Rules, Division category.

Division of decimals (2)

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