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Posted by Peter on 29th July 2011

Resource of the Week: Maths from Stories

Maths from stories. Hidden away on the mathsblog site is a superb selection of story books to help with early reading. These are all great books for young children to read, but an added bonus is that they all have a mathematical aspect to them. One of my favourites is The Very Hungry Caterpillar which […]

Posted by Peter on 27th July 2011

Year 2 Maths worksheet: missing numbers on a number square

The third in my series on missing numbers on a number square which can be found in the Year 2 Counting category. Each grid shows a different section from a 1-100 number grid, with only a couple of the numbers filled in. The task is to complete the number grid. This is very good practice […]

Posted by Peter on 25th July 2011

Year 5 Maths Worksheets: In-Out function machines

Whilst this worksheet appears to be very simple it is surprising how many children get into a bit of a muddle with such activities. A table is shown with a rule for completing it, such as ‘Add 34’. All that has to be done is complete the missing cells of the table following the rule. […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd July 2011

Year 3 Mental Arithmetic: Sets 11 and 12

Two more sets of mental arithmetic questions to add to our growing collection. Today’s questions concentrate on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Hopefully these questions will provide a confidence boost for those children who are not quite as secure in their knowledge as they should be as all the questions are worded in a very […]

Posted by Peter on 20th July 2011

2010 Maths SAT Paper A: question 3

The second in my series on the KS2 SAT papers which looks at question 3 of the 2010 paper A and gives answers and suggested best ways to approach the questions. If you are looking for much more on the KS 2 Maths SAT papers and an excellent revision programme then I would highly recommend: […]

Posted by Peter on 18th July 2011

Year 5: Knowing Division Facts (2)

By Year 5 children should have a good knowledge of tables and this division page will show whether tables are known. It is also important to understand the relationship between division and multiplication as some children see the two as completely separate processes. It is the second page on this knowing division facts as I […]

Posted by Peter on 15th July 2011

9x table space challenge

Continuing with my series of tables space challenges, we reach the 9x table. because there is a regular pattern to the answers to the 9x table it is one of the easier tables to learn. Of course, the digits of the answers always add up to 9 and the tens go up one at a […]

Posted by Peter on 14th July 2011

Resource of the Week: Year 3 maths investigation

In year 3 children are expected to be able to solve problems involving numbers, follow a line of enquiry, identify patterns and organise information. Investigations are a great way to do this as well as developing logical thinking. This is a fun investigation for children from Year 3 upwards (7+ yrs) which encourages children to […]

Posted by Peter on 13th July 2011

Year 3 mental arithmetic: Sets 9 and 10

This week the mental arithmetic for Year 3 concentrates on writing whole numbers in digits, counting on and back, addition, subtraction and place value. These questions can either be done quite quickly, taking up just a few minutes or in more detail, depending on the time available. By more detail I mean talking through each […]

Posted by Peter on 12th July 2011

Year 5 probability

Probability, or chance,  is one of the more misunderstood areas of maths and one which has only crept into the Primary curriculum in the last 20 years or so. It brings with it a whole new set of vocabulary and concepts which are very precise in their meaning. By the end of year 5 children […]