Posted by Peter on 15th July 2011

9x table space challenge

Continuing with my series of tables space challenges, we reach the 9x table. because there is a regular pattern to the answers to the 9x table it is one of the easier tables to learn. Of course, the digits of the answers always add up to 9 and the tens go up one at a time whilst the units decrease one at a time (only up to 90).

This worksheet can be used as a fun test to see how well knowledge of the times table can be put into practice. Because the table is jumbled up it becomes slightly harder and takes longer to do, especially if the table is not known ‘off by heart’. Remember, when learning the table say the whole of it (eg one times 9 is 9) and not just the answers, which is counting up in nines, not saying the table.

9x tables space challenge

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