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2010 Maths SAT Paper A: question 3

The second in my series on the KS2 SAT papers which looks at question 3 of the 2010 paper A and gives answers and suggested best ways to approach the questions.

If you are looking for much more on the KS 2 Maths SAT papers and an excellent revision programme then I would highly recommend:

Tables and charts are a real favourite with the SATs testers. Children should have had plenty of practice at interpreting this type of table in school so it should provide easy marks: marks which should not be lost through carelessness.

To answer the question: ‘What type of cat is found only in Africa?’ requires two steps.

Firstly, identify those cats found in Africa. Secondly check across to find the cat that is not found in Asia or Europe.

To answer the question: ‘Which types of cat are found in all three parts of the world?’ requires scanning the table looking for three ticks in a row across. Sometimes with this type of question it is worth using a ruler to slide down the rows to check, but probably not necessary in this case.

Question 3 from Maths SATs Paper 2010

Paper A Question 3 answers and suggested method.

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