Posted by Peter on 15th August 2011

Year 3 mental arithmetic: sets 15 and 16

Here we continue with our sets of mental arithmetic questions, suitable for Year 3 children.

This week the questions concentrate on the two, five and ten times tables as well as some money questions. The money questions look at how many coins are needed to make totals. Expect quite a fast response to these questions as tables should be know off by heart.

There are several ways for children to respond to these questions. One way is to give them a sets of number cards so that they can hold up their answer. it makes a change from writing the answers down. Teachers find this an effective way of making sure all children in the class make a response, not just leaving it to those who like to answer out loud. It can also lead to good discussions on how the answers were worked out.

Year 3 Mental arithmetic: sets 15 and 16.

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