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KS2 Maths 2010 Paper A Questions 9

Question 9, which is worth one mark for a correct answer, is much more of a level 4 question for several reasons.
It is a less straightforward question to answer as it is not immediately obvious what has to be done by just glancing at it. A further complication is that more information is given outside of the contents page, i.e. that Deep Water finishes on page 68. Some children will miss this fact and be confused as to how to work the answer out.
The most obvious way to do this is to treat it as a series of subtraction calculations;
Rocket Ship: 17 – 5 = 12
Night Journey: 25 – 17 = 8
Secret Palace: 41 – 25 = 16
Jack: 59 – 41 = 18
Deep Water: 68 – 59 = 9
Counting on is one way of doing this mentally and you may well see children using their fingers to count on whilst working this out.

Question 9 from SATs test 2010 Paper A

Question 9 paper answer

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