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Question 19 from SATS Paper A 2010

Dotty paper and right angles are a favourite with the SAT paper writers, but they never make it quite straightforward, as the right angle to be found or drawn is never along horizontal or vertical lines.

There are just two possible answers to this. Either answer will gain one mark.
Slight inaccuracies in drawing are allowed. This means within a radius of 2mm of the correct point.

Some children will instantly see where the right angle will be, but there are several ways to make it easier.
One way is simply to turn the paper so that the line AB is running horizontally in front of you. This makes it easier to perceive a right angle.
Another approach is to use a right angle, such as the corner of a piece of paper and slide one edge of the paper along the line AB, with the corner at A and then mark where the other edge crosses a dot.
Don’t forget that a ruler must be used.
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Question 19 from SATS Paper A 2010

Question 19 answer and suggested methods

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