Posted by Peter on 21st November 2011

Year 6 maths worksheet: ordering decimals

Ordering decimals can be pretty tricky. At first glance we might say that 0.509 is bigger than 0.51 because there are more digits, but it doesn’t work like that! Have a look at my step by step method of ordering decimals.

Step 1: Put the numbers in a table, making sure the decimal points line up underneath each other.

Step 2: Fill in the empty squares with zeros, making them all the same length.

Step 3: Compare, starting with the first column (units) and writing the numbers in order.

This is quite a nifty way of making sure that you have got the numbers in order, although it is a little time consuming. Grids have been provided on the worksheets, but if a question like this comes up in the SAT tests it should be sufficient to just write the numbers in columns, not forgetting to put them in the answer page at the end!

Order decimals


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