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Posted by Peter on 3rd February 2012

KS2 Maths SAT Paper B 2011: Question 7

Here are the answers and tips on how to go about answering question 7 from the KS2 Maths SAT Paper B 2011. Two small boats are positioned along a centimetre scale and two questions follow. The answer to question 7a:   1 ½ or 1.5 One mark awarded for a correct answer. Suggested method: This […]

Posted by Peter on 1st February 2012

Year 5 maths worksheet: multiplication

Here is the second in a mini-series of maths worksheets that look at using knowledge of multiplication and tables to complete number sentences. Again, the most important aspect of this page is to illicit what processes children use to answer the questions, and it is a worthwhile experience to ask yourself exactly how you went […]