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Posted by Peter on 7th March 2012

Maths Games: Adding game for Year 3 onwards

This Maths game  is a great way to practise addition of small numbers. It is a game for two players and can be a good challenge for adults as well as children.  Each player takes it in turn to place a counter over one of the numbers. When a counter is paced on the board […]

Posted by Peter on 5th March 2012

Mental Arithmetic Questions for Year 3

This week’s mental arithmetic questions for year 3 cover just multiplication and division. Year 3 is the start of the learning ‘times tables’, and by the end of the year children should be confident with at least the 2, 5 and 10 times tables as well as developing 3x and 4x. Some teachers argue that […]

Posted by Peter on 2nd March 2012

National Numeracy

Once again the poor performance in maths of many adults rears its head as the charity ‘National Numeracy’ states that almost half of British adults have the maths skills of an 11 year old, or worse. This is a new charity launched today as an organisation to champion the importance of number skills for people […]

Posted by Peter on 2nd March 2012

Year 4 Maths worksheet: Completing number statements

This Year 4 maths worksheet looks quite straightforward, but many children will find it tricky. Four numbers are shown as well as four addition and subtraction statements with missing numbers. Just put in the missing numbers from the four shown. With the addition questions the best way to proceed is to look at the units […]