Posted by Dave on 8th June 2012

Maths Champ for iPhone & iPad

Be a Maths Champ!

I have just played a great new iPhone and iPad game Maths Champ.

There are a couple of mini games included, Hurdles and Javelin. Each time you play, you answer a set of maths questions which boosts your speed or distance when playing the game and gives you a better chance of achieving a Gold medal.

It’s not easy to find apps with a combination of maths  and fun games skills, but this is certainly challenging and fun. It gives excellent practice at mental maths and could really improve your mental maths skills – I have really struggled to achieve Gold on the hard level!

Maths Champ is a universal app with iPhone and iPad support. It looks great and support the normal and retina display of both the iPhone and iPad.

Currently it is on a launch offer, so get it whilst it’s cheap!

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