Posted by Peter on 2nd July 2012

Subtracting using the standard method

Children need plenty of practice at using the standard written method of subtraction if the are going to become competent with it and calculate without making errors. This is a nice little page as it concentrates on subtracting 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers.

More than this the questions are graded in difficulty, according to the rows, so it also makes for an excellent assessment sheet to see just how well they are doing.

The first row is very straightforward, with no adjustments necessary.

The second row questions all require adjustment from tens to units and the third row requires adjustment from the hundreds to the tens.

The last row is the real tester as it needs adjustment from hundreds to tens to units. Watch out for the common erro, such as saying that 0 – 6 is 6.

This page is part of the collection of subtraction worksheets found in the Four Rules category.

Standard subtraction of 2-digits from 3-digits

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