Posted by Peter on 27th July 2012

Resource of the Week: Standard metric measures

With the Olympic Games just beginning now is a great time to brush upon those standard metric units of measurement. No longer do athletes run 100 yards or a mile: in fact the Olympics have always been metric and it is the system that all children are taught in school.  By Year 4 children should be quite familiar with the main metric units of measurement and should know the following:

1 kilometre = 1 000 metres

1 metre = 100 centimetres

1 metre = 1 000 millimetres

1 centimetre = 10 millimetres

1 kilogram = 1 000 grams

1 litre = 1 000 millimetres

It is a good idea to tell children that mille is Latin (and French) for 1 000, not one million!

This page is a good check of understanding this and getting children to use these units of measurement.

Standard metric units

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