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Posted by Peter on 6th July 2012

Mental addition and subtraction for year 4

Here is a real mixture of addition and subtraction questions which can all be answered mentally without resorting to written methods. The questions include adding 2-digit multiples of 10 to 3-digit numbers and subtracting 2-digit multiples of 10 from 3-digit numbers. Interestingly, some of the addition statements can be answered by subtraction and some of […]

Posted by Peter on 4th July 2012

Year 3 Mental Arithmetic: sets 69 and 70

A final look at addition and subtraction with these two sets of ten mental arithmetic questions for year 3. By the end of the year children should really be developing their mental arithmetic strategies, which are almost like ‘tricks of the trade’. Let’s take a look at a few of them which crop up in […]

Posted by Peter on 2nd July 2012

Subtracting using the standard method

Children need plenty of practice at using the standard written method of subtraction if the are going to become competent with it and calculate without making errors. This is a nice little page as it concentrates on subtracting 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. More than this the questions are graded in difficulty, according to the […]