Posted by Peter on 1st October 2012

Year 2 Shape worksheet: 4 squares

In year 2 children should be using 2D shapes to make pictures and patterns by drawing round them, as well as using pin boards and elastic bands. This mini investigation looks at combining four squares to see how many different shapes can be made. The best way to go about this is to have four larger squares to move about and to record results on square paper.

One of theĀ  important parts of this is to define what counts as a shape. For example, two squares joined only at the right angle would fall apart if cut so can it count as a shape?

It also encourages moving and turning shapes to see if two shapes are actually just one but seen from a different perspective.

It also encourages systematic reporting and working in a methodical way.

Thanks to for letting me use this resource.

Shapes from 4 squares

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