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Division: written methods

Written Methods of Division

More Division worksheets coming soon.

Probably the hardest of the four rules, it depends on a good knowledge and understanding of multiplication and ‘tables’ as well as learning an efficient pencil and paper method.

A Moving towards a standard method for division

Division: 2 digit by 1 digit (pg 1)

Division: 2 digit by 1 digit (pg 2)

Division_2_by_1_( p3)

Division of decimals (1)

Division of decimals (2)

Long division (pg 1)

Long division (pg 2)

Division: 3-digit numbers by 6

Division: 3-digit numbers by 7

Division: 3 digits by 8

Division 3 digitsĀ  by 2 digits

Money division (1)

Money division (2)

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