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Counting and Number: Year 1

Y1 Counting and Understanding Number

Young children need plenty of practice with counting in steps of one. Whilst worksheets are useful, it is also important to use practical situations whenever possible to practice counting.

ACounting in steps of one

Count in steps of 1 (pg 1)

Count in steps of 1 (pg 2)

Count in steps of 1 (pg 3)

Count in steps of 1 (pg 4)

Count in steps of 1 (pg 5)

Count in steps of 1 (pg 6)

Counting in steps of one (pg 7)

Counting dots (pg 1)

Counting dots (pg 2)

Count up to 20 (pg 1 and 2)

Count across one hundred

Order numbers

B Read and write numbers in figures and word.

Writing numbers

C Counting in tens

Count on in tens (pg 1)

D Counting back

Count back (pg 1)

Count back 4

Count down in threes

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