A maths dictionary for kids: web review

maths dictionary for kids

Maths dictionaryHmm. Let’s get slightly controversial. Browsing for maths dictionaries I found ‘A Maths Dictionary for Kids’ by Jenny Eather on CD on the Cambridge-Hitachi site. Now it was difficult to find a price on this site so I went to R-E-M and also found it there, for sale for £115.09 inc VAT.

Now I know that this is an excellent dictionary as I have used it before – great graphics and clear explanations – but over £100 seems rather expensive. And it seems even more expensive when I can access it free of charge at A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather.

Is it the same dictionary? As far as I could tell it was, but I emailed Cambridge-Hitachi to make sure. They kindly answered to say that the dictionary was fully revised for the UK maths curriculum so that when schools purchase the CD they can be confident that the content complies with the Primary Framework for Maths. They also stated that the CD is independent of a broadband connection, making it more reliable than when accessing it from the website. Hmmm…. £100 more reliable?

So I am reviewing this as the free resource, with all its idiosyncratic Australian maths! I might review the CD later, but it might not get such a good score!!

8 out of 10Interest

8 out of 10 Ease of use

8 out of 10Maths content

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