Free Y1 maths worksheets: Recognise triangles.

free Y1 maths worksheet: recognise triangles, shape, 2D, 3D

shape1Shapes are all around us, so it is easy to find activities which help young children understand shape. Don’t be afraid to introduce the names of 2D and 3D shapes early on. Here are some ideas such as:

1. Sort shapes into groups according to their properties:

Do they have angles?

Do they have 3 sides?

Do they have more than 3 sides?

Are all the sides the same length?

Are all the sides straight?

Do they have short sides and long sides?

2. Hide a shape behind your back. Let the other person ask questions until they can say what shape it is.

3. Put several shapes on a tray. Remove one when your child’s eyes are shut. Open eyes and try to say which shape is missing.

4. Put a range of shapes in order of the number of sides.

5. Have a ‘feely bag’ in which you place a shape or shapes. Put a hand in to try and identify the shape.

6. Using play dough or plasticine and cutters to make 2D shapes or make them from pastry, cook them and eat them! Do the squares taste better than the circles?

And once you have got going with this there are no end of other activities.

Here are two worksheets looking at identifying triangles.

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Recognise triangles (pg 1)

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Recognise triangles (pg 2)

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