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atschool review


atschool has been around for some years now. It covers KS1 and KS2 in a range of areas or ‘classrooms’ as they are known. It does have a lot of material on the site, not just maths, and there is a small amount of material which you can freely access. Most, however, is only available if you subscribe.
Many of the maths activities are in the style of an interactive worksheet where you fill in answers on the screen. There are options to have the work marked, to show correct answers, to try the again or to print the activity –all very good ideas.
The graphics and sounds overwhelm on the front pages of the site, and I was expecting plenty of ‘whizz-bang’ in the activities themselves; but they tend to be rather plain and a little disappointing. Certainly the maths content is thorough but I did not feel excited enough to play any activity more than the once.
A quarterly subscription only costs £9.99 and an annual subscription just £29.99. Considering the range of subjects available I would consider this very good value, especially if you want help in more than just maths and are looking for links to good sites and interesting material.
If you are browsing for free content then there are far too many links which do not work unless you have subscribed – I even couldn’t use the Amazon link on their Top Ten lists. However it does show you the range and quantity of material available if you subscribe. Other than maths there are English, Science, Geography, D&T, ICT, History, Music, Art, RE, PE and PSHE.

7 out of 10Site worth visiting

6 out of 10Ease of use

8 out of 10Value for money

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